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Logo of Likhaan Center For Women's Health, a nonprofit in the Philippines..



Likhaan is a national women's health organisation that develops alternative, community-based primary health programs in impoverished urban and rural communities, with a particular emphasis on women's reproductive health. Likhaan also advocates at the national level for changes in health policy.


Likhaan’s clinics in the greater Manila area are models of cost-effective, and high-quality community healthcare.


Through the delivery of health care, research, organizing and advocacy, Likhaan addresses many issues of women’s health and well-being including women’s rights, family planning, adolescent health, maternal mortality, universal healthcare, and the social determinants of health.

Our Partnership

Our partnership focuses on the Tondo, Manila area.

We are supporting Likhaan to implement their healthcare programs in Tondo, Manila through their established clinic, the Lila Clinic.

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