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Logo of Ashoka Philippines, a nonprofit in the Philippines.

Ashoka Philippines


Ashoka Philippines identifies and supports leading social entrepreneurs through a
Fellowship and mobilizes a global community to implement its vision of "everyone a changemaker."

To achieve this, Ashoka Philippines wants to transform the way young people are growing up in a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical skills such as empathy, collaboration, creative problem solving, and teamwork.

This “Youth Years” work will be launched through the formation of a coalition of
established 'Co-Leaders,' working across a range of sectors.


The coalition aims to initially strengthen coordination, collaboration and sharing
between a wide range of organisations working with young people to develop
'changemaker skills.'


Ultimately, the coalition aims to grow demand for and access to these skills for young people across the country, so that they can become and self-identify as changemakers in their communities.

Our Partnership

Metro Manila, Philippines.

We are supporting Ashoka Philippines with unrestricted funding to further develop
their fellowship and to support the initial exploration and development of a 'Youth
Years Coalition.'

This aligns directly with our focus on working with and supporting the development of young people in the Philippines through collaborative interventions that bring together a wide range of organisations to facilitate lasting positive change.

It also presents exciting opportunities for mutual connections, sharing and learning
between the Coalition and Tondo Community Initiative.

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