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Logo of Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC), a charitable organization in Cambodia.

AHC  (Angkor Hospital for Children)

Our Partnership

AHC is a non-profit paediatric healthcare organisation with a mission of improving
healthcare for all Cambodian children. AHC has delivered compassionate, holistic
care to children from across the country for 20 years.

Today, AHC has established itself as a centre of excellence through:
• provision of high-quality, specialist services not found elsewhere in Cambodia;
• a commitment to education and capacity-building that extends beyond its walls;
• and its embodiment of exemplary governance and accountability.

Through data, research, and policy-setting, AHC is making a wider impact by
strengthening healthcare systems and influencing child health locally, regionally and internationally.

Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We support the transformation of AHC into a key stakeholder working on improving
pediatric healthcare throughout Cambodia. AHC is working with the Government at
Ministry level as well as with the various tiers of the public healthcare system, while training pediatric nurses and doctors from public hospitals and charitable healthcare providers alike.


Led by AHC's Executive Committee and by the whole AHC team in Cambodia, the transformation from a traditional charity hospital into a healthcare organization driving innovation and quality of paediatric healthcare in Cambodia is both remarkable and an example for many other organizations in the region on how to remain relevant and capture the opportunities in scaling impact within rapidly changing socio-economic and political contexts.

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