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Logo of Baan Dek, a charitable foundation in Thailand.

Baan Dek Foundation

Our Partnership

Baan Dek provides access to education, health and safety services for all people who are exposed to neglect, social exclusion and abuse in urban slums and construction site camps in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Every year, Baan Dek supports more than 1,300 vulnerable children living in over 45 construction site camps through a variety of social programs that are tailored to the children’s needs and ensure holistic, measurable social impact.

Baan Dek forms partnerships with key private stakeholders in the construction sector with a view toward sector-wide improvements through the Building Social Impact (BSI) initiative.

Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand.

We have been working with Baan Dek since 2018 and are providing flexible funding to support their child protection and community empowerment work, as well as contributing to their core operating costs. 

Ultimately, we support Baan Dek to work towards their long-term goal of achieving
systemic impact on how the construction sector in Thailand supports the children of construction workers and their families.

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