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Philippines Youth Resources Map

Alongside our work of supporting long-term positive change in communities, Firetree Philanthropy has had a longstanding interest in how we can best support the young people within these communities to lead change.  We recently conducted a simple mapping exercise to explore the following question: “If a young person in the Philippines wants to help solve problems in their community, what kind of support do they have access to?”  We share some insights and details of our exploration here


As part of the mapping exercise, we came across many resources and initiatives that may be helpful for young change leaders in the Philippines.  We are sharing this list below. It is by no means a complete or comprehensive listing. But we hope that it could be a helpful starting point or spark more extensive mapping since many of the young leaders and youth-focused organizations that we spoke to highlighted the need for an easier way for them to find relevant resources.

A few things to note:

  • We were specifically interested in the available resources for young people as problem-solvers or change leaders (as opposed to young people as “beneficiaries”). 

  • This list is a result of a short-term and limited mapping exercise that we did so it is definitely not an exhaustive listing of all the youth-focused resources in the Philippines.  It is based on desk research and recommendations from different stakeholders.  We have not vetted or worked directly with many of the entries here so if you’re interested to learn more, we suggest that you contact these programs or initiatives directly.

  • We would love to hear from you if you have recommendations for resources to add to the list or if you know of other existing databases.  You can use the form at the bottom of this pageWe would also love to collaborate and explore how this kind of mapping could be done in a more sustainable way.

  • The listings in the table below are based on publicly available information (e.g. websites, social media pages) that we came across and we categorized the resources as best as we could based on this information.  But if your resource or initiative is mentioned here and you would like to update or remove any of the information, please also use the form below.

  • If you are viewing this through your mobile phone, you will be able to scroll through the list and click on specific initiatives to learn more.  You’ll need to use a desktop or laptop if you want more options in terms of searching and filtering through the table below. 


Thank you!

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