About Us

Our Team

We come from a range of backgrounds and all have extensive experience of working for and running non-profits in Asia, either previously or currently.




Headshot of Nicky Wilkinson, Executive Director of Firetree Philanthropy

Nicky Wilkinson

Executive Director 

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Headshot of Kate Griffin, Senior Technical Advisor - Development for Firetree Philanthropy.

Kate Griffin

Senior Technical Advisor - Development

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Connecting, Sharing and Learning Work:

Headshot of Terri Jayme-Mora, Special Projects Lead for Firetree Philanthropy.

Terri Jayme-Mora

Special Projects Lead

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Headshot of Chiara Ka'Hue Cattaneo, Special Projects Lead for Firetree Philanthropy.

Chiara Ka'Hue Cattaneo

Special Projects Lead

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Collaborative Initiatives:

Headshot of Michael Fua, Director of Youth Programs for Tondo Community Initiative.

Michael Fua
Director of Youth Programs
Tondo Community Initiative

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Firetree Philanthropy is currently an internal program of Firetree Advisory Pte. Ltd, the corporate trustee of the Firetree Trust.

Firetree Philanthropy will be established as a separate philanthropic legal entity in early 2022. 

Our grants are currently given through Firetree Asia Foundation, based in Hong Kong.


Francesco Caruso, the Trust's Protector, oversees our philanthropic work and has final approval authority over our grants.

Philanthropy Advisory Committee


Aside from being accountable to the vision and values of the Firetree Trust, we consider ourselves accountable to the changemakers, organisations and networks we support and the communities in which we work,


Consequently, the role of the Advisory Committee is to hold us to account on behalf of the communities we work with and the partners we support.  The main duty of the board therefore is to provide brutally honest feedback about where we need to get better and how our approach needs to develop and evolve.


Our Advisory Committee brings a mix of contextual experience of some of the communities in which we work, the social challenges we are collectively working to address and the wider social impact systems in which we operate.

The Members of the Advisory Committee support our work on a purely voluntarily basis. The current members are:

Nancyline Agaid 


Erika Tatad