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Our Values

Three young children holding hands and walking down a dirt and grass path.

Our values are fundamental to how we try to approach all aspects of our work and relationships – with our team, partners, communities and other stakeholders in the contexts we work in.


​Trust and Empathy:

​​We place great value in building trusted, empathetic relationships with those we work with, from community members, to partners, to members of our teams as well as with wider organisations we collaborate with.


Respect and Transparency:

We know that organisations and people who work to address social challenges (and seek funds to do so) have a much harder job than funders do. Anyone who has been there knows this.


We aim to always respect that and never presume we know more than organisations do with regards to their work and the communities they serve.


As part of that respect, we aim to always be clear, open and transparent in all our discussions, decisions and learning.​

​Listening and Learning:
​We seek colleagues and partners who have spent time listening and learning and that do not presume to know what is “best” for someone else from an office far away. 


We try to learn as much as we can about local contexts before we can possibly make any kind of judgement. When we are not clear, we ask. And ask again. But most importantly we listen.



We are striving to be the most supportive funder and partner we can be. We don’t succeed every time, this is what we’re aiming for though.

We constantly reflect, learn and seek feedback. We aim to be open about our learning and our mistakes – because if we can’t do that, we can hardly ask anyone else to.


In anything that we do, it’s not about us. We seek to be in the background, supporting to the best of our ability, and letting community changemakers, grassroots organisations and networks lead.

Responsibility & Risk:

We, collectively, have the ability to “make things happen.” This comes with great responsibility to make the best choices we can – in all we do.


As part of that responsibility, we believe strongly that as a private foundation, with all the privilege that brings, we can and should take more calculated risk in the types of work that we support.


We believe collaboration is essential to achieving lasting change. As we look for partners that embody this, so we aim to model this ourselves too – whether through collaborating with partners, other funders, alliances or through funding networks and work that brings stakeholders together.


Our accountability is, always, to the communities in which our initiatives and partners work - and the children, youth, parents and families that make up these communities. No one else. 

They are not numbers, they are individuals with dreams, fears, needs and hopes. We do not work for anyone else but each of them. We have tried to structure our organisation and approach to reflect and maximise that accountability.

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