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Firetree Senior Fellowship

“Sometimes a quiet walk with trusted friends can help you reflect 
on the next steps of a longer journey.”

The Firetree Senior Fellowship is a pilot programme that aims to create a community of support for values-aligned leaders whose work impacts the communities that Firetree serves. Addressing a key gap that we’ve identified, the fellowship supports experienced leaders who are in a key transition phase in their careers and are looking to build their next initiative. 

It is designed to be a small, flexible fellowship that welcomes fellows on a rolling basis throughout the year and tailors its support to the needs of each fellow. As part of the fellowship program, Firetree Fellows are invited to participate in a series of online and in-person mentorship and learning sessions. Stipends and project testing funds are also offered to fellows on a case-by-case basis. 

The fellowship is typically a one-year engagement. It is also important to note that the fellowship is designed to give senior leaders the space and time to explore their next idea.  The fellowship is an investment in the fellows themselves, rather than solely in the idea they are testing, which may, in some cases, fall outside of areas and topics that Firetree Philanthropy funds in.  As such, there is no commitment from Firetree Philanthropy to fund their initiatives after the fellowship.

Meet Our Current Firetree Fellows


Based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Sarin is exploring how nature and the outdoors can enhance the growth, learning, and development of young people. 

Sarin Photo.jpg


Based in Singapore, Léa is exploring how to create more welcoming spaces where Southeast Asian communities can connect on climate change and action.  



Based in the UK, Hin is exploring how to support the psychological and social wellbeing of Hong Kongers in the UK, with a special focus on children, their parents, and young adults.  



Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Sarakk is exploring the opportunities and links between financial literacy and the wellbeing and development of young people in rural communities.

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