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Logo of Bagosphere, a human skills development organization in the Philippines.


Our Partnership

At BagoSphere, we help high-potential talent develop human skills for the future of work. We have a track record of doing this for many people. We have trained >5,500 high-potential talents in the Philippines to launch careers in new-collar jobs. Many of them are women and/or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We believe that human skills are the missing link to getting a job and building career pathways in the future of work. However, high-potential talent lacks guidance on developing Human skills at each stage of their career pathway.

We provide industry-led guidance and university-accredited education for people to launch new-collar careers. Our program is life-transforming; our alumni are 8x more likely to be hired and 2x more likely to be promoted.

Today, we are building an online campus for new-collar workers: continuous online education + community. We are the only fully-online program in the Philippines that provides a unique combination of industry-led, community-based and university-accredited education.

Having successfully placed thousands of people, we now want to upskill alumni and their co-workers at every stage of their career pathway, starting with BPO and MFI sectors. Together, we are super excited about building a more human, more equitable and empowering Future of Work.

BagoSphere is a social enterprise operating in the Philippines.

Firetree is providing support to BagoSphere in the form of a Convertible Note to allow the team to further develop their model, aiming to both deepen and expand their impact.

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