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Logo of HOUSE Foundation, a nonprofit in the Philippines.

HOUSE Foundation

Through an innovative, progressive, design-thinking approach, HOUSE Foundation
provides holistic development for disadvantaged young individuals, aged 18 to 30, to become self-reliant, productive members of society.


HOUSE works with social enterprises so that at-risk youth gain work experience while they complete secondary and college education. The program also provides psychosocial support, learning and development.

In 2016, HOUSE Foundation was established after growing roots from working closely with the social enterprise Messy Bessy.

HOUSE aspires to design and catalyze business solutions to address socio-economic issues. In 10 years, it aims to replicate its program with 100 businesses, helping 10,000 working students.

Our Partnership

Manila, Philippines

We are providing core funding to support HOUSE to develop the replication model for their proven Helping Ourselves Program (HOP.)

The goal is to enable HOUSE to research, develop and test their replication approach in order to learn which approach(es) are most effective.

In addition, as many of the young people that HOUSE (and its social enterprise arm,
Messy Bessy) work with are from the community of Tondo, Manila, there is also direct crossover with Tondo Community Initiative and we are exploring opportunities, as part of a coordinated approach.

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