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The Kite Tales


The Kite Tales is a non-profit storytelling project and UK registered charity set up by two experienced journalists to chronicle the lives of ordinary people in Myanmar. The return to military rule makes that mission harder and all the more important.

The Kite Tales Digital Storyteller Fellowship is a fund to support Myanmar’s storytellers, in particular journalists and illustrators over a 12-month period to provide much-needed insights into the latest situation in the country for both diaspora and the international community, while maintaining the capacity of journalists. 

The fellows receive a monthly stipend to produce either anonymous diary entries chronicling their day-to-day lives inside and outside of Myanmar or the artwork to accompany the diaries. In 2022, the fellowship supported 10 journalists and illustrators and published multiple first-person accounts.

Our Partnership

Myanmar and surrounding countries.

Firetree has been supporting The Kite Tales Fellowship since 2022 and is providing flexible funding to support the core operational costs of the fellowship and some fellow stipends.

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