Logo of Resolve Foundation, a charitable organization in Hong Kong.

Resolve Foundation

Our Partnership

Resolve Foundation is a Hong Kong-based NGO that empowers future community
leaders for an inclusive Hong Kong. Resolve stands for Rights, Equality, Solidarity,
Organization, Leadership and Empowerment.

It was founded in 2017 with one question in mind: in an age of increasing polarization and intolerance, how can we build more inclusive and accepting societies?

Resolve believes the answer rests with communities themselves, harnessing their own power to bring about positive social change.

Through a social justice fellowship that triangulates leadership development,
campaigning skills and human rights education, Resolve provides a supportive and
enabling platform to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented groups in Hong Kong.


The 8-month fellowship focuses on a different theme each year to promote grassroots leadership on social issues that deserve more attention.

Hong Kong.

We are supporting Resolve with unrestricted funding to further develop its flagship
social justice fellowship program and pilot its alumni network program, working with a range of stakeholders across sectors and movements.


The overall goal being to support the development of a next generation of grassroots leaders from under-represented and marginalized communities and strengthen their contribution to advocate for and catalyze change on a range of social justice, equality and inclusion issues in Hong Kong.