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Logo of Stairway Foundation, a nonprofit in the Philippines.

Stairway Foundation

Our Partnership

Founded in 1990 as a Child Rights Organisation, Stairway has developed a multi-faceted approach over nearly 3 decades to address abuse and neglect of children.

Essential for the organisation's results in terms of both quality and scope lie a strategic use of creative expressions - like theatre and film productions - at the core of the therapeutic interventions as well as in the extensive advocacy and capacity building program.

Crucial for Stairway's expansive reach at national and international level is the strategic use of developing and training child protection networks with broad representation from government as well as non-governmental institutions.

Puerto Galera and Manila, Philippines.

We support Stairway to further reinforce its role among the national and regional
stakeholders addressing the issue of child sexual abuse.

We also invest in Stairway to strengthen their core team, since they are our key partner in the Philippines and together we are building the Tondo Community Initiative.

Our relationship with Stairway is multi-pronged and truly epitomizes the type of
partnership based on mutual trust and respect that we seek to form with other

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