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Logo of Teach For The Philippines, a nonprofit in the Philippines..

Teach For The Philippines

Our Partnership

Teach for the Philippines (TFP) is a for-purpose, non-stock, non-profit organisation that works to provide all Filipino children with access to inclusive, relevant, and excellent education. Founded in 2012, TFP focuses its efforts on improving teacher quality and addressing education challenges at the system-level. The organisation is built on a foundation of research, evidence, and operational excellence; constantly growing as a nationwide movement that engages young leaders who are committed to work towards meaningful and positive change. Driven by a passion for expanding educational access, TFP aims to transform the Philippine public school system to become the best it can be.


We are supporting Teach for the Philippines with multi-year, unrestricted funding to continue to develop their core work through ongoing learning and development.

Ultimately, our funding aims to support Teach for the Philippines in its mission to identify, develop and support teachers who positively impact the academic and life skills of their students, alongside building an alumni and network of partners that are accelerating education reform. 

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